Baltimore Street Car Museum - Industrial Remnants - Falls Road Hampden This is Bawlmer, Hon

Nestled somewhere in the windy hills of Falls Road, only a few blocks from Penn Station and just in the rear of Hampden, is my favorite part of town. For it is here, along the windy Falls River back behind where Roland Avenue and Falls Road meet, lay remnants of industrial Baltimore.  Bicyclers pedal along the thruway, and this area is home to my favorite old warehouses.  In the 1900 block of Falls Road is the (new) Baltimore Street Car Museum.   Cruising past the museum one day, I decided to do some shooting out the window with the HTC Android to see what may pop up.  
Before, out the car window.
After, a little Picniking.
Oh yeah, much better.

I like this shot, but you can see my car window. Cropping it I would lose the "L-A-" in Maryland.
Much better.  The car window still there, but would you notice if I hadn't told you?
The photo above was from a run down building up the street, I assume it may have been the old train or street car terminal, I love it even so.  Of course driving and snapping photos with your phone is a no-no, especially here in Bawlmer, Hon.♥