Wild Things on Etsy :John Waters Rainbow Sneakers Adidas Vintage Style

3/27 Update: The Seller has pulled these shoes from her Etsy shop, as someone told her they weren't vintage. I have to say, I thought they were. Several years ago Nike and Adidas had a rainbow revival, but this particular style I could not find in cyberspace, it still looks 80s to me. If you want them, you won't find them in her Etsy shop, you'll have to contact her directly. :)

These are bought to you by Pimguim.

What's not to love?,Men's size 10 rainbow sneakers. That's 44 for you Euro lovers. A true masterpiece in vintage style and color. As much as my husband loves vintage and me, I think my marriage would be over if I bought him these to wear. However, I really believe there's someone out there who could wear these bad boys!

Oh yeah, real Adidas Vintage at Pimguim
I think that someone is John Waters. He filmed a movie on my street in 2004.   What I remember most was the fact they filmed 99.9% of it at night. The generators running, bright lights,  no sleep, dogs barking, but then most thought it was worth it to meet Johnny Knoxville and Tracey Ullman, right?  My neighbor was in love with Selma Blair.  Above all that Hollywood drama, the best part for me was John Water's shoes.
John Waters: Baltimore Native Film Producer, credits include Hairspray & Pink Flamingos Read Interview Here

John spent most of his time in a real producer's chair perched at the end of my street. His bright orange neon Converse All Star Fishheads were ultra cool, and I was more into his change of shoes on a regular basis (I think he has Converse in all neon colors from pink to lime green) and that was what I was most focused on.  Although one could wonder why the movie crew was hacking up my neighbor's bushes into Rated R bod parts  (watch the movie and you'll see why.)

So I ask you John Waters, where are you now? These shoes would look great on you.  If not, do you know someone who could pull these off?  Come forward and wear these shoes. Send me a picture for my blog when you do ♥