It's Baltimore, Hon Panoramic from the Key Bridge

baltimore hon
Picture Perfect Bridge H*ll.
Last week I was spending time with Bonnie "Nash" Wible (my bff since 4th grade). I was accompanying her to  her doctor's for a knee checkup.  We made a day of it giggling like old school girls, and started our day off with a breakfast at Denny's. (Don't laugh, but we are Denny's diehards from way back... we love the Moons Over My Hammy.)  After our Sourdough splendor, we made the doctors and she was in and out pretty quickly.  I thought, this is way too good to be true.

As fate would have it, we got stuck on the bridge coming back from the doctor's. We don't like bridges, so to pass the time I was trying to learn the features of my new phone and started snapping shots.  Out came this pretty cool panoramic of Baltimore's skyline. I have to say for a cheesy phone shot I was pretty impressed!  Stinky, smelly, crime-riddled, broke ass city livin' yep that's "Baltimore Hon".  Nothing like home.... 
baltimore harbourNot bad! Looks like something out of a magazine, well in lower quality. 

The only good part about being stuck on the bridge? It was the Key Bridge, not the Bay Bridge thank goodness.