Contest/Giveaway: Need Help Choosing New Vintage Site Design - Vintage Lovers Lookie Here

As if I don't have enough to already do, I'm launching a new site called Vintage Chalet!  Sister to Retro Chalet it will talk about everything VINTAGE under the sun and found on the web (not just plastics.....).  Of course my mail goal is to highlight all the cool "Retro Finds on Etsy!"  I'm having a real problem choosing the layout I like.   So, I'm asking for your help!  Please vote on the site design you like best, I've narrowed it to these four possibilities.  Voting Closes March 26th. Final design will be chosen and applied to the new site effective March 27th!

GIVEAWAY: Leave me a comment and I will choose one lucky winner to get a free avatar for advertising on my site for a year free.  This can be any site, or service, not just vintage!  

VINTAGE SHOP or VINTAGE SITE BONUS: Please also indicate below if you sell vintage in your shop or have a vintage blog. Do you make vintage style art, or sell vintage supplies?  If so, make sure to comment and mention your online site and provide the link, and I will make sure to feature your shop for free in the months coming as I'll need to write about lots of vintage things.


This is a Tie Die format.  I think it screams vintage, and has lots of bright colors although I worry it may be too much. It's actually textured, so it looks like the ink is on paper.  Cool.

I've got a think it appears for bubbles.  Pink, yellow and orange make this a nice design. Not too much, but is it vintage, or drunken champagne?

I don't know why I like this but I do.  I don't see a lot of dark background blogs, but this reminds me of some 1970's Van Striping I saw once.  I am not sure if it screams Vintage or "disco?"


The orange looks classy , I tried making the title "pop" with pink, red, yellow or green but it looked to be too much.  Does this look vintage enough?