Vintage Porcelain Glove Molds : Why I Love Thee

Upcycled rings by TexasVintage. Glove molds for sale at RetroChalet. 

I am so in love with vintage glove molds, namely the porcelain ones.  This of course was by what I'd like to call, a happy accident.  My husband is a caterer, and we are always looking for ways to spice up our events. The glove mold served just that purpose as I keenly thought they'd go over well at a catering event.  He laughed at the idea.

Flowers, wedding rings, invitations, this baby holds them all!
They were a huge hit for us, but unfortunately, most of the people took them home with them from off the tables.  I suppose this is a normal practice in a wedding, to take the bouquet.  In this situation, I was dying as I saw my precious glove molds leave the tables.   We had to restock...and quick because we had a very important event and the glove molds were going to be on the buffet line this time.  I made contact with a guy down south, who had offered to sell me some at a great price. My husband and I were on vacation, and just happened to stop by to see what he had.  Imagine our shock when he had vintage glove molds, in their original boxes, having been bought out from a factory that had them in storage since the 60s and 70s.
It was really neat finding a ton of vintage glove molds in their original shipping boxes.

If you could have seen my husband and I packing our tiny SUV full of porcelain glove molds, wherein we could not move or adjust our seat, and to make the 10 hour drive back to Baltimore, you'd surely laughed at us.  We just kept thinking if someone hit us, we'd surely be goosed by a glove mold.

These things are laying all over my home, literally!
Over time I've acquired a lot of glove molds.  I think I should open a glove mold rescue. Just imagine my horror when I heard the story of how one factory owner took his old unwanted glove molds and busted them up into gravel on the lot.  I was soon rescuing these.  Sooner or later, these porcelain pieces of industrial heritage will be a thing of the past.  

What really bothered me is I could never seem to find history on them.  So I did my own research and wrote an article about them.  Here is the article on vintage porcelain glove mold history on Squidoo .   I hope you like it!