More Store Displays Mannequin Hands and Glove Molds in Progress

Mr. MoJo

I have been busy working on more store displays, though I barely have the time to finish them. This is because my husband has been demanding me to hit the books for planning his March to November route this year....sigh.....Anyhow, I'm sending some brand new creations over to Farah for her Florentin United Kingdom store if I can ever get them finished.  My main goal is to rescue old styrofoam heads or less than perfect glove molds that are headed to the landfill and make them into something for a unique look.

Sometimes this proves a tad difficult as they are in such bad shape.
But the final result is a usually one of a kind and something no one has.
My latest creations are mixing antique papers with porcelain glove molds and it's proven very difficult--however after several tries I think I got it. A perfect mix of eco friendly glue in many layers finished with a light coat of special spray and I think I've got them perfect to display necklaces and jewelry.
Very time consuming , before, and during progess now. Paper is from a flight manual from 1942 and shows it's age.  LOVE THAT, just goes to show I can't throw out anything. Must be the Etsy Recyclers Guild part of me talking.

 Finally...some are done...the paper color variations are amazing. I'm not doing anything to them, this is natural age talking.

Here is a customer in Germany who uses my vintage glove molds in her window.  She also sells wonderful jewelry on Etsy!  Make sure to check it out HERE.  (Thanks for the pic Sylvia.)
Planter of broken remains.

Better go, duty calls.