Plastic Fantastic to Lift the Spirits : Welcome to Melmac Central

Photo and vintage greeting card by poshtottydesignz
I don't know if it's the cold weather here in Baltimore, or the stress of illness of my mother but lately it's all I can do to get out of bed in the morning and finish half of my to-do list.   I get tired so easy, and I'm making sure to eat lots of *nasty* grapefruit and the right things to keep me going.  Coffee doesn't help anymore and I figure a good day may be to finish 5 out of 10 promised articles and half-ass do everything else.  I blame this on stress, but my aunt tells me this happens the closer to 40 I get and I shouldn't be worried.  Grrrrrrrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt.  I do have to report hubby is being more than accommodating to the situation.
Photo and Cute towel by Call me Jasper's shop.

Lately I've been burying myself into my plastic site that I've been working on--I figure I'll do something with all the negative energy, and turn it into positive. So I love plastic. I started collecting melmac dishes when I was 18 out of necessity to buy cheap kitchen items for my first apartment.  Then the bug hit me and my Russel Wright melmac collection grew.
This is all the Russel Wright Meladur brand, once said to be "first design in melmac" but that's not actually true.
 So I started thinking, why not design a site and feature (mostly) cool melmac finds on  Etsy?  This way, I can incorporate the Russel Wright in with ALL BRANDS of vintage melmac and plastic.

Behold: was born.

So check it out and let me know what you think.  I just adore old plastic, not just melmac.  I try to combine vintage plastic with my handmade creations as well. I think good plastic is not just plastic, but more of an art form.

One of my rings, in Retro Chalet Studio made of plastic buttons.
Old plastic gumball charms repurposed into earrings in my shop.
Upcycled composite plastic poker chip against "my dog's fur" LOL.
Sometimes, however, I may take it a bit far:

Secret container to hold buttons.