Ira Mency's New Year's Resolutions I'll Look to the Sun

They say not to look at the sun directly, but  in 2011 I'll be looking to the sun for my guidance.  I feel the sun is so dynamic, it certainly radiates warmth, energy, and of course, without it we could not live.  There's nothing better than sun after the rain to see the rainbows. Over an early lake sunrise, the sun is Godly.

  In the evening sky above a lake in Maine, the sunsets are amazing. Photo: Ira Mency

Outside Wilmington, NC at Wrightsville beach, the sun touches the ocean. Photo: Ira Mency
The sun is funny, sometimes it sneaks out to say hi to the night moon, which makes you wonder are they friends?  There are spring days when I bask in it and feel a nap attack, soaking in some rays along with some much needed zzzz's there's nothing like it.
New Jersey Sunset Painting by Mandy972 on Etsy.

Probably my main reason for sunning in the new year will be that the sun may reduce stress, according to this review in the Medical Food News.   Of course I was under the impression that the sun gave me Vitamin D, not Vitamin C so I'm questioning the article and apparently have a lot to learn about our sun.
Photo: HDTheater, see article about the sun by Ross McCammon for Esquire here.

The Sun is essential, but according to this article, it's dying.  So instead of cursing it this summer when it's 110 degrees with the heat index, I'll feel sorry for the beloved ball of fire while applying my SPF15..

So now for my much needed resolutions:

RedeemtoGreen offers this adorable zen garden!

Realize that I must surround myself with those wonderful family and friends I have been blessed with, and remove the negativity from my life. I'm out to achieve ZEN people, so wish me luck.


Mike, aka, the Terminator of AtlasPersonalTrainers in Baltimore.
Re-energize my body with my friend and trainer guru Mike Turkin.  This guy is 49 years old and runs circles around me. He's still competing in bodybuilding championships and always seems to give me the best advice in life....(nothing like a workout and therapy session all in one)   A 50 minute workout with him and I'm done for the week--- it hurts!  I have to push myself to better my body, and get up to  five times a week of this chaotic working out.  I suppose my body is my only vechicle though this life.


Work on my Eco Friendly Art Gallery site.  This is a new site I'm creating to focus on those artists who go above and beyond to use eco friendly offerings in their work.  Not only those who are in my Etsy Recyclers Guild team, but those artists who spread their green-ness all over.  This is going to take me some time because I have so many other assignments due, but once I get the site up, it'll be a great place to blog about new eco-artwork.

Mom's Meatball Recipe is on BigFatDaddy's website.

I must try to come to terms with the death of my mother, and the fact of  that I may never have the answers. I may never have the power to hunt down the answers that I seek in her honor or have experts review her case.  Sadly, I won't have the power to prevent something like this from happening to someone else's family, not even yours,, thanks to a litlle obstacle we'll call in my horrible Pig Latin attempt  "holeass-ay stepfather-ay."   I was never one to hide my true feelings so in order to deal with #4, I'll just have to apply resolution #1 and #2.

Laughter is The Best Medicine Print by LaECLECTICa

May you all have a healthy, happy, and love filled 2011.  Thank you to my family friends, and readers for your support, comments, cards and letters.  It did mean a lot.

Yours Truly I Am,
Ira Mency