More Collage and Art Journaling

I so love to collage but I'm quite horrible at it.  I can't do anything without bubbles.  I know, the correct way you will advise me, is to apply a thin layer of glue then use a brayer or something to roll the bubbles out, but that's kind of hard when the glue has saturated thru the paper.  If you roll atop my mess, you take half the paper off.  I don't know why I'm an over-gluer, (a new word perhaps) but it's true.  Then I have it all over my fingers and find myself using my bare fingers to roll the bubbles out the best I can.   Fingertips covered,  I'm certain some of my prints will live on in my work for years to come. I never do a collage without being a mess.  Maybe I'm still stuck in third grade, because I remember the same thing happening then in art class.

She has a fancy for maraschino cherries. I love using retro or vintage ephemera in my work.

So all of this brings me ton my art journal.  Some of us consider the art journal a private matter.  It's a place for thought or working out ideas. Certainly something I don't do often enough.  Today I decided to share the page because it's sort of the way I'm  feeling. 

As she looks on, the racket noise is going on in the background, and she doesn't even mind the ketchup being splattered all around her.  She just zones out.  This is what I'm doing while my mom is battling rectal cancer.  I'm zoning out.  Telling myself all this noise will go away.  Let's hope so.  ( Note the spilled ketchup is actually parts of a paper towel I used to dabble my paint brushes on after changing colors.  This just goes to prove I throw nothing out.)

 Moral of the story:  Get yourself checked out. This has affected three generations of women in my family ..... and counting.  I heard a commercial that rectal and colon cancer affect 1 in 3 people.  So, what are you waiting for? GET CHECKED.