Vintage Gray's Anatomy Medical Book Well Traveled

While in the small town of Dillsburg, PA, I happened across a small thrift store which I found some great things.   This "hillbilly" made-in-Mexico airbrushed cowgirl hat was a real steal.  Though I'm quite sure they still make these hats today, this one is really stiff, has real metal grommets and a real "fly tie" set of feathers in it's band.  All this for the filthy price of just a buck.  A perfect finishing piece for the "Urban Cowgirl" display.

The best find, however, was a 1977 1st print Collector's Edition of Gray's Anatomy, complete with 780 illustrations, 172 in color.  I just love looking at old medical illustrations.  That is really strange considering I have a serious problem with blood and guts.  I cover my eyes on those scary parts of CSI, and am not into the gory horror flicks that most people adore.  My doctor has learned if you come at me trying to take blood, I'll be passed out as soon as I see the needle.  I can only wonder why my appreciation for these gutsy drawings came from?   I contemplate this versus the fact it was a real steal for only three bucks.

I don't know what's better, the book and very retro style illustrations or the really neat bookmarks that the previous owner left inside.  What appears to be a vintage ticket or time-clock punch makes for a nice chapter marker.  I love it!
Then again, there's something magical about used books.  They were loved by previous owners, held and admired......then tossed out like old clothes that you just don't wear anymore.  Those lucky enough made it to the curbside pickup of a Goodwill or Salvation Army truck, awaiting pricing and display at the local thrifts--anxious for their new homes.  Some were donated to private church thrift stores, or bought in bulk by old bookstores.

Consider the fact this book has survived almost 34 years and has trekked over 2000 miles, that we know of.  It was owned by someone in Townsend, Massachusetts (thought it said ME for Maine at first glance...) and somehow made it's way all the way to Dillsburg, PA....then I took it to Baltimore, MD, then up to Maine for reading....and home again......and still going........where will it end up next, years from now?