I'm Alive....

This just in:  A glimpse of my Fashionista Mixed Media Series.
I lead such a busy life that I haven't had time to blog on my own blog, which is sad.  Summer flew by with doing a lot of work for my husband (he was sick for a short while but he's all better now, I duct taped him back together) and traveling all over. Since he was sick we did not get to take a vacation at all, and in fact one month I worked 18 hours a day for every day of the month.  Should I join workaholics anonymous? I have to say, I met some great folks along the way (who knew Ginger, the Toms Brook Church Food Manager was really a very talented paper mache artist?) I can say I am glad the busy season is winding down, so I can finish and work on my own projects which are way, way, way past deadline.
Hubby Wayne M. Schafer all better now, notice how all the dogs try to get in on the picture.
Other than that, my dog Wein Schnitzel (he paints) and I have been busy raising over $2026.00 in art proceeds for the West Memphis Three, which is a huge feat alone when you are selling upcycled artwork.  I don't normally air my personal or political opinions, but soon a court will decide if Damien Echols the boy-now-turned-man whom has sat on death row all these years, will be granted a new trial (on the basis that forensic and physical DNA evidence does not tie him at all to the case).  Most of us would think this new found exonerating evidence that proves "no links" and does indeed point to countless others would pardon him automatically, but  it's not like that in the legal system. You need lots of money, a good lawyer, and a need a "new trial" to explain yourself (and the so called new evidence which is really lack thereof) all over again......and that takes convincing the courts....so we now wait to hear the verdict, will there be a new trial? Decision expected in weeks...... I can only hope that those who rushed to judgement so many years ago may wrap their brains around the fact that the real killer, (or killers) are still running free.  Thanks to modern technology, this mistake can be fixed before these boys spend their entire lives in prison, or worse yet, one executed for a crime he did not committ.  I wonder as to the real culprits, where are they now?  If more time elapses, will we ever find them?  Have they been out there all these years killing others?

On a more positive note, I've been working a little on the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team blog. which I enjoy because the team is full of great folks who pride themselves in using recycled goods.  I've been working on so many other things,  my own online art gallery  (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION) where I feature eco-artists or artists that use recyclable goods, and working on a new art book as my publisher has been calling me weekly (sorry Rose, I'm slacking.)  I hope that book is done by winter. 

We adopted a cat, Masen, a Russian Blue, who has been a lovely addition to our family. He's still a little leery of the basset hound, but I suppose in his eyes, size matters.
He came with the name.