Don't worry pretty lake, one day I'm coming home..

It's been awhile since I posted.  I've been on the road for two weeks straight and not had much time for anything.  The highlight of my present day is seeing my husband getting better and his liver functions improving.  I of course give credit to the coffee I ordered from Canada.

I had to put my writing, art, and antiques on hold to help run his business over the past two months. It's been hard but he's getting better. 

Over the past few weeks I've really had time to re-evaluate life.  Perhaps it takes something like your husband getting very ill to make you think if you are in that happy place if something were to happen.  My present answer would be no.

I'm not a big city girl but I live in the big city.  I work in six major cities and travel all the time which I don't get a chance to enjoy life because I'm on the go.  I have a country home that sits empty waiting for me.  Truth is, I dream for the day I'm in that small town.  Where no one bothers me and I can work with laptop and camera just from about anywhere.

Hubby however, is very successful here.  I suppose he feels it's hard to walk away from success, though I wonder, why, if that very success could be what does your body in?  I could make enough to support us both, in that small town.   So when you're ready, I'm ready.