Things to Repurpose

I have a huge lot of old vintage garden knobs I'm just dying to repurpose.  I've collected them from all over, from Sushipot's wonderful Parts shop on Etsy  to estate sales in Maine and Boston.

 My goal is to do an outside art sculpture of "flowers" each actual flower made up of many knobs, (you so often see the small flowers made of one knob each which are totally cute don't get me wrong....but I want to go BIG BIG BIG!).  

This oversized art sculpture is going to require the help of a friend who's a welder,  but finding the time for us to get together and complete the projects has been difficult.  He's also not so happy about welding the aluminum ones so I'm destashing some of my extras in my Etsy store.   The goal is to display this piece in the center of town. (not this town as someone would be pickin' my flowers....sigh...) 

Here is my rough draft of great things to come!

Cute eh?