PopLoveDesigns: Innovative Clothing by a Dynamite Duo

"Re-shape, Re-Think, Re-Work",  is the motto of this shop 

Join me in welcoming one of our newer members to the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team, PopLoveDesigns.   PopLove is run by Andrea Hughes and her husband Shai Wallach, all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Angela says, "Together we make limited-edition and one of a kind fashion from recycled materials. Our main line is woman's clothing and accessories, but we also have a small range of men's clothing."

So like most people, I wondered how she got her big start in fashion?

Andrea responds, "Shai & I both got our start in different areas of the fashion industry. It was a natural progression from there to start our own collection, especially after seeing the wastefulness of the fashion industry first-hand. We decided that we wanted our collection to not only be amazing and beautiful, but to be sustainable as well."

This tunic made from recycled materials is a real steal at only $29!

Andrea found us on Craftopolis, and read more about us and I guess you could say, we were the perfect fit! She is an couture clothing designer who is very interested in production of clothing with minimal harm to the environment. She uses upcycled and recycled items in her work, and is always interested in networking with other like minded designers and learning new and innovative green production processes. 

Andrea says, "By recycling vintage fabrics we are creating eco friendly fashion, for a better future.".  They even take it one step further.  Their ccreen-printing is done using eco friendly water based inks.

Go Marilynesque with this one of a kind couture recycled dress for $59.

When reviewing all her wonderful spring, summer, fall and winter creations I wondered how she stays so motivated? 

Andrea explains, "Motivation hasn't been too much of an issue for us so far, when you're two people, you tend to feed off of one another, BUT everyone has their moments. We like to check out local art galleries, go to the beach, or watch weird art-films , (The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" is my favorite!."  
I adore this "Footballer Long Sleeve Shirt" upcycled and priced at only $25.

So if motivation is her strong suit, I wondered what is the hard part of the designing biz?

Andrea says, "Selling is probably the hardest part of any business, but don't despair! Make sure you treasure each and every customer you get. Treat each and every customer like your business depends on them alone - ultimately it does! Create the ultimate shopping experience and earn your customers' loyalty."

Andrea often offers customers "free shipping" such as on this cool cami as a way to entice them.

Andrea also does a lot of social networking to promote her business and others.  She makes treasuries on Etsy as much as possible, and you can find her all over the web at the below locations. 

Welcome PopLove, we are so glad to have you!
You can visit us them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PopLove/48860309082
Follow their Blog:  http://www.poplovedesigns.blogspot.com/
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/PopLoveDesigns
Website: http://www.poplove-designs.com/
And surely don't forget to go to their Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/poplovedesigns