Help the Gulf Coast - Etsy Sellers Unite - Do Your Part

Every morning I look at the TV in horror while sipping my coffee, with tears welling up in my eyes. In the car I hear more about it but try to tune it out, because it's never good news. In the evening it's piped back in through the tube and I remember feeling the same sickness when 9/11 happened - the feeling in the pit of your stomach that this was real, and not a movie.  This is happening, there is nothing you could do to prevent it from occurring because it's already occurred and a sad realization still as we speak.   Even once it's stopped, the damage will go on, and on, and on ...... of course I'm talking about the oil spill.  I'm talking about the man made DISASTER that is impacting our oceans, our wildlife, and our airspace.  The very oil that gives us heat, and life and energy, is now polluting our world.  Every night my husband looks at me and I at him and we know we should be doing something---anything to help. To help the birds.  The shoreline.  The environment.  The future.  Our kids' future. 

Then along came Kate. I'm talking about Kate Gabrielle, a 23 year old from Princeton, New Jersey. 

Some of you may know as "Kate from Flapperdoodle" shop on Etsy.  To me she's like a modern day wonder woman.  THE Kate with a passion, a mission, a goal and who is doing something about it while fighting back the tears.  Much like her own pendant, Kate is on the horn promoting her "Help The Gulf Coast" movement.

So far Kate has opened a collective shop on Etsy called "Help the Gulf Coast" and raised over $500 in donations to Oxfam in a collective shop that has been open only days.....amazing.....the cool and thoughtful sellers on Etsy were are donating everything from vintage glove molds to handmade jewelry. 

 Donated art by FirstLightPhoto $25, was one of the offerings.

This great handmade One Effect Earth Bracelet, $8,donated by EyeSpider.

  Cool vintage shoes donated by BeLovedLight found  for $40.

Guess what? 
Final Tally $Together we raised $9,638.50! 

So now I say, Don't cry about it, wipe those tears away and know together we can make a difference.  Kate,u r my new hero.xoxoxo