Fun with Paper: ReLove

I am so in love with this cool upcycled paper notebook I bought from ReLove on Etsy.  Sarah does the most wonderful things with paper!

♥ This awesome upcycled book is now mine all mine! ♥

        In between the covers lay some great vintage book and upcycled paper pages! 

 I have to say this old art museum catalog page is one of my favorite!  I can't wait to doodle next to it.  Inside there's a  brown paper bag, and upcycled chinese zodiac menu. 
I caught my husband fingering through and admiring this page, a colorful piece of construction paper set off with a cool vintage map of Seattle!

Not to mention the binding is all handmade and hand-sewn. It's just lovely!

The item was wrapped in guess what?  An old paper bag and tied with cord.  I liked it so much, that I went back and bought several more, for gifts for the family at the holidays. (Hopefully the family isn't reading this ha ha) .  So when you get a chance, make sure you check out ReLove on Etsy.  

Mini Notebooks - so cute!