Tamara Laporte: Yes, She Can Sing.... From the Art of Willowing to My IPOD

The Lovely Tamara Laporte of Willowing, read her full bio HERE.

I was checking in on one of of my favorite do-it-all artists Tamara Laporte , who has created the wonderful Willowing Artist Community.  If you don't know her, you should because she is totally awesome in so many ways.   Her community that she created is about helping artists of all types (new or experienced) to create art, wherein she offers positive encouragement to all. 

Adorable "Kitty Mousy Love" available on her site shop HERE.

As an artist, she creates so many things:  whimsical art paintings, mixed media collages, clay work (tiny houses), stuffed dolls and animals (Tweedles were a huge hit, she could barely keep those in stock they are so darned cute), art pendants, calanders, art journals, and the list goes on and on.  She's not a one-medium artist, she dabbles in everything. 

Adorable Litlte Tweedle named Spiffy by Willowing

I noticed she had sold one of the painting I loved so much, but thankfully there are prints being offered for sale on her website and in her Etsy shop

Not only is she a marketing genius (we could learn some tips from her) but she is a plethora of knowledge to other artists by teaching them how to draw, paint, make journals, create art and more in easy to learn classes.  These do-it-yourself classes are sometimes offered in open enrollment, but are now available in an easy to use DVD so that you may use them over and over again!  They progress and teach you different techniques in the wonderful Willowing style!

Go HERE to view the Workshops for Sale.

What's really great is that she offers a lot of information videos on her YouTube channel , where you can watch her create some wonderful work.

Many people may not know that aside from all of this, she's a great photographer whose skills are amazing. She captures the beauty in everything:

Photos like this are what you can expect from Tamara Laporte. 
High quality and gorgeous.  See them on her FLICKR stream HERE.

Just when I thought I knew it all, I happened across some of her songs! Who knew she was such a good vocalist and piano player?   (Tam, you rock!) I truly love her voice, it is one of a kind, powerful and beautiful.  You really have to hear her sing.  Her videos are on YOUTUBE such as one of my favorites, her cover to MAD WORLD by Tamara JUST CLICK HERE

All this and she can sing too!

I don't know how she does it all.  How does she find the time to run her Etsy shop, personal website, Ning community , Flickr stream, make YouTube videos, and so much more?  Did I mention on top of that she's taking great care of the latest addition to her life, (and no doubt her best piece of artwork yet,) son Dylan.
Dylan: Often a guest in the Willowing videos, and certainly will be an inspiration to Mom!  See more in her FLICKR photostream!
All Photos Property of Tamara Laporte