Pearl Jam and Cork Boards

Off to see Pearl Jam tonight.  That's right folks, when you were still in diapers (eegads!) this chick was grunging with this band that was huge in Seattle circa 1991.  Let's see if all those years of "Ten Club" bliss pay off when I pick up my fan club seats at the will call window today.  I think I should be somewhere between rows 1-10 but we'll see how much Eddie really loves me............

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In the meantime I couldn't help but falling in love with one of my new members' entire line of items.  Lolailo, a shop who is new to my Etsy Recyclers Guild Team  but not new to upcycling has the best line of recycled cork boards.  Gloria is uses old wine corks, picture frames (or trays) and bottle caps to make totally usable boards.  I can see this in the kitchen, office, desk, bar, or club area.  Just when I think I'm the diva of upcycling, I see something like that that I would have never thought of.   Kudos to Gloria, who offers them in large and small sizes. 

How cool is this?

Cooler than Pearl Jam?  well...................that remains to be seen.
Though, I do admit, the wee one is my fave: