Cool Kitsch and Back from Computer Mayhem

ACK!!! You don't know how much you rely on the computer until you are away from it for a few days.  My laptop was acting funny so I had to do a total overhaul-scan-virus-sweep-anti-this-anti-that and voila I'm baaaaaackkkkkkkkk.  Add that to 101 Etsy Convo's, 1137 E-mails and I can't answer them all soon enough (hoping 50% are junk mail).  This is exactly why I need a secretary.  Anyone interested?
I did manage to find some time to check out this super cool site of C. Dianne Zweig .  Not only is she an awesome  mixed media artist which is right up my alley, but she is also author, collector, and editor of  which is a great site in itself. 

I had a great time reading her blog as it's full of great kitschy finds, and I think you should too.   I'll be adding a link to my sidebar too!