Little Mixed Media Projects and Wee Paintings

I've been doing some dabbling with old buttons, acrylics, markers and some Dick Blick (I love saying that ten times fast) art boards. Behold, the little 5x7 paintings, some mixed media, some just regular, some even with seashells from Wrightsville Beach.  Finally figured out a top secret way to get the shells to stick and become 3d petals.

I can't draw anything much, so I figured flowers were a good place to start.  Not bad I must say some turned out rather cute.  I have put up some sale in my RetroChalet and RetroChaletStudio Etsy shops.

Speaking of Etsy shops, I'm hoping this whole "SEO" Dopple-Google-Etsy-Search-Enging thing-a-majig gets fixed soon.  I'm sad to say I joined Zibbet just to see if, what everyone was saying, was true.  They claim that page rank on Google is so bad, that sites like Zibbet show your item high up in page rank, but for some reason Etsy's has dropped.  I'm testing this theory and trying to move some overstock.  I'm up for anything once, even if the new site sounds like a frog.

As for other projects, I'm still working on some things.

Barbie rescued from trash, a dog bit off her head.  Now she's morphed into an Eco Art centerpiece.

got cheese?

Mixed Media Sheet Music