Ira Mency Age 5

Not much has changed.  I found this in my late grandmother's book--she kept this little drawing I did for her age 5.  It's funny because I've always been someone to use lots of colors in my drawings, but just like then, I can't really draw a lick. I can only remember that the markers were all over my hands and less on the paper.  I'm still taking my Suzi Blu classes (how to draw little girly people which are great, you can save the videos and practice them later) and lessons from my pal DoLoBo (who draws wonderfully realistic dragons, fairies, and warriors).  I love lurking on Willowing's artist community (love to Tam xoxox)  and I wanted to take her classes too---since I don't have enough time to dedicate to any of this, I think it's better to stick to mixed media recycle art.  I suppose that comes natural to me.