Eco Etsy & How You Can Avoid an Environmental Train Wreck

I'm so thrilled Etsy is giving so much love to us greenies.  My Recyclers Guild Team made a recent Storque article HERE in the Craftivism section.   My photo is in there with Cheri of ChersPassion, and her Canimals are featured too.  They are just so cute, hard to believe they started as a tin can and transformed into something so cool.

Voter is having more focus on Green products, and even in "This Handmade Life" there is a write up on Greening Up Your Work and Life with Eco-Etsy.

I'm so proud of Etsy for pushing the Eco bandwagon.  There can't be more said about recycling, upcycling, and doing your part to live green. 

I was thinking today, if one person repurposed one item per month, if the item weighed approximately 1 lb , on average per year we'd have  3,709,222,248 less pounds of trash going to a landfill.  That's a low estimate since some people will repurpose a car part or perhaps a big steel drum, etc.  So let's go easy and base it on a 12 lb recycling goal per year per person, purely sustainable items that would NOT go into the trash but upcycled someway or somehow. 

Let's base it on the last US census' population and not the most recent.  So, it's safe to say that is 1,854,611 TONS of trash saved from going to the landfill.  If we put this in train-car mode, one train-car of heavy dense coal weighs approximately 110 tons according to Wiki Answers.  Coal and trash may be considered somewhat the same density, however, in my opinion the trash would be compacted into shape to resemble the density of the coal.

So just what am I getting at?  The next time you think about throwing something away that could possibly be repurposed, why don't you imagine standing next to an old set of railroad tracks (probably for a few days) and watch 16861 train cars of trash roll by you - and think if you had just changed one thing in your life every 30 days you could have prevented that.  Hard to visualize ?  Look at this picture for the next few days and maybe then you will figure it out.

Photo as shown by Colorado Video.