144 Members and Growing....Etsy Recyclers Guild Team ...headed to 200

THE ETSY RECYCLERS TEAM is growing by Leaps and Bounds.  

Do you use vintage or recycled goods in your work on Etsy?
Do you sell vintage items on Etsy?
Do you incorporate old items into your artwork and make them new again on Etsy?
Do rusty and crusty things end up functional again?
Do you sew, craft, or make something that will promote recycling or in turn by use help the earth?

If you meet any of these qualifications you should really join our team!

The team lay dormant in 2009, having been created in 2006.  I wanted to join it, so then I had to take it over to get it functional again.  Out of 70 to 80 members, over half had closed up shop, one third of the remaining had already joined other teams and wanted to be removed.  Of the 20 original core members left, we have added over 124 new members, reaching a 144 mark (some Member Directory pages are still in the works and some have not been added to the Etsy profile page yet.)

What's a team all about?  Check in our Etsy forum and see what we are chatting about HERE.

Belonging and networking with other like minded people.  I also try to promote our stores any way I can.  I do a monthly member spotlight on our blog where someone gets honored for their hard work and store.  Read the latest winner NICKELCITYGIRLS and why I chose here HERE on the Member Spotlight Page

I also try to plug our shop in outside sources.  I published an article featuring 90% of my members (shameless plugs) HERE.   I was a little leery because of the pages and pages of shameless promotion but hey, we are all for green and green for all. I especially liked featuring some of my member's pictures in the ad like VintageChase, GreenTrunkDesigns,ChersPassion,TheFloatingMarket, and 42Things.  I would have featured them all if it was not for a limit of 5 photos.

So help us make the big 200 and be one of the largest growing groups on Etsy!  Tell your friends!