A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words : Marketing 101

Increase Your Online Store or Etsy Shop Sales.

I love melmac, so I just love checking out the latest listings on Etsy.  These photos really caught my eye, and I had to share them with the world and my Team on the Etsy Recyclers Guild Blog. Even though I'm not a fan of any of the patterns, the pictures speak to me, and seem to be saying BUY ME.  I didn't buy them however, but someone surely will.  Why? It's all part of Marketing 101.

So, remember this formula:

Great photos + Extroidinary customer service + items tagged properly and correctly = Sales.

Your pictures have to be good in order to sell items.  I didn't know that at first, and I must admist I wasn't selling anything in my RetroChlaet store.  The pictures were fuzzy, out of focus, and quite honestly, my camera was old and out of date.  I realized you need a good camera, that has good zoom functions so that you can get close ups.  Details, Details, Details.

They matter.  I looked at sellers who are dealing in vintage and selling in the thousands.  Their pictures were amazing.  No matter how crazy the item, it was selling because the pictures made you need that item.  Etsy's advice to sellers and storque articles are loaded with tips on how you must have good pictures.

It's true.  I took a whole series of photos on the road in Virginia uploading items to Etsy with my cellphone pictures.  They were fuzzy and lacked detail.  I left them on and they expired in 4 months.  I relisted changing the photos and 4/5 have sold already. The same item, same tags, same description, only the photos had changed.  If you are scared to spend money on a good camera, wait until a newer model comes out and nab the older model up for a fraction of the cost.  Learn how to use it, the Macro function is so very important.

Kudos to these sellers whose names and products I will list left to right starting at the top:

Talk of the Town Melmac Cups by bamboobettie,  Avocado Green Melmac Mugs by YerUglyMug, Vintage Mallo Ware Pink Bowls (limes not included) by OhHelloVintage, Rose Melmac Platter by kitschcafe,  The Best Part of Waking Up (boontonware mugs) by RoomServiceVintage,  and Melamine Daisy Saucers by VirginiaJane.