Ira Mency and Big Fat Daddy North Carolina Bound: Wrightsville, Wilmington, Southport, Carolina Beach and Cape Fear Coast

A quick business trip to NC lead us to do a little sightseeing while we were there. I had to conduct some business in South Carolina, and visit Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington --- Big Fat Daddy was along to test out the bbq, make friends, and sample the local brews.

House in Wilmington

In Wilmington:  We were very pleased with Front Street Brewery and the Oyster Bar (donned with artwork and walls painted by a local artist) downtown.  Food here is affordable, service is wonderful and the town itself is lovely.  I was more interested in taking the 45 minute trolley tour for $11 and learning about all the cool parts of Wilmington, this historic district, and even where Michael Jordan's old house was.  (If you had the free tourist map you got $1 off  per person which is a huge bargain and certainly worth the 45 minutes.)   We love the town and think it's just the right size city.  We wanted to stay forever!

Historic Homes in Wilmington: All have plaques to indicate how old they are.

I took this around 730 am.  Wrightsville Beach, NC.

In Wrightsville Beach:  The views were breathtaking.  The beach was clean and shells coat the beach.  There are cigarette butts, broken glass or trash.  People CARE here.  Surfers rule this town and we ran into a few celebrities.  We ate at King Neptune, the food was delicious and the portions huge, priced okay but the service was horrible.  We sat for over an hour with no drink refills and no food.  The joint was only 1/3 filled on a Saturday night and it's no wonder.

I couldn't get Wayne off the beach, even when it was cold.

Big Fat Daddy just sort of wandered off on the beach.  He liked the privacy.

Southport:  We took an old country road past Brunswick and into Southport.  Just like we were told, it is "Mayberry." We ate at the "Fishy Fishy" and I ordered the local flounder sandwich  w/sides for $7.95. I ended up getting a giant fish on my sandwich and couldn't eat it all but it was so delish!  There were more antique stores in this town than most, and a lot of movies were filmed here. The Caswell house was where they filmed the movie "Crimes of the Heart" and the town is reminiscent of many movies including "I Know What You Did Last Summer."  Scenes were filmed all over the place.

View from the Ferry, no idea what this is.

Ferry Ride;  We took the ferry, a real bargain at $5 drops you off in Fort Fisher so we could drive back thru the beach towns to Wrightsville.  First up is Kure Beach, then Carolina Beach.  

Carolina Beach, NC is full of fun colors.

Carolina Beach homes.

Old buildings come to life with new paint at Carolina Beach.

Kure Beach and Carolina Beach:   Colors are unreal of the houses, very bright and palm trees everywhere.  Kure went by so fast if you blinked you will miss it.  However, Carolina Beach seems to be more built up than Wrightsville, I wasn't really a fan but still it was pretty.
This was my favorite: The purple beach house!  Carolina Beach.

If you need a vacation, an an affordable one, North Carolina Coast is the place to go.  You can find deals and specials especially in the off season and operate on a budget.  Just like now, it's 75 and sunny so I'm off to the beach before I return home.