Freecycle and Craigslist and the Pooches

Call it spring cleaning, (or wishful thinking) but ALL WEEK I've been cleaning out my unused 'junk'.  Now you know, trash is treasure.  I've been Freecyling and Craigslisting away everything and anything I don't need anymore.  For those of you who don't belong to FreeCycle, you really should.  

The idea of it, is to give, give, give, and then you can receive.   You have to be a 'giver' before you are a 'taker' which should be the motto of the entire world .........................

I belong to a small group near me.  (Major cities have large groups but there I couldn't keep up wtih all the posts so I moved to an offspring group near me, much smaller, but we have lots of trading of junk going on....)

This week I gave away half used bottles of health and beauty aids I'll never use. The kind where you purchase a lotion or are given a fragrance for Christmas,  but don't like the scent.  Then you have 99% of a bottle of perfectly good lotion or perfume.   I also gave away some leftover house paint--lots of latex acrylic in cool colors to do benches, crafts, and kid's room trim.   I then freecycled away some excess dishes, cups, plates, and serving utensils reducing cupboard clutter.  I also gave away four rayon shirts of hubby's that he never wore because in order to wear them you had to iron them, and wifey here does not iron.

Give, give, give then you can receive. Enter, the "3 seater" bamboo couch.  The reason for this was the fact we found out the dogs were constantly up on the furniture while we were not looking or at work.  Eventually we had to accept this fact and get them their own couch. (Here we have one very fat dauschund named Fonz, and one very large lazy bassett hound name Buford and good luck finding a place to sit.

A wonderful Craigslister (THANK YOU) ended up giving me this old bamboo couch for the dogs.  It came with very nice floral brocade cushions (below) but since the dogs were laying on it, she threw in a nice cool vintage blanket to cover it with.  All in the name of free.
Very nice floral looking cottage style cushions.  As for Schnitzel, Wayne just lets him share the chair.  SIGH..