Artful Things

Found object in a park converted to body of "Duck Ferry".  Vintage plastic sprites, fairies and pixies (and a snail) adorn the boat.  Broken off wood duck head wobbles on a used paper clip. Art doesn't have to be expensive to make but does require looking outside the box.   Now available in my studio.
Glad thsi is gone, as it was a wee bit creepy. L is for Legs sold privately to a doctor overseas.  Hmmmmm....


I have no idea what these things are, but the whole bag of them cost me 50¢ at a flea market in Easton, Maryland.  They look like little gumball prizes but appear to include body parts which stack on top of each other.  I am unsure how old they may be, but they are colorful enough to make into something great.

Hair roller art: coming soon.  In the meantime, I'm in search of old hair rollers.  Not the perm kind, but the regular ones like this picture: