Art and Esther C During Stressful Times

I'm making art pendants out of lovely shells that washed up in the Carolina's and found objects like old buttons or parts of plastic.  Partly because I'm stressed out, so art is therapy and I thought the shells were too pretty just to toss out.

Why am I stressed?

A walk in the park on a wonderfully sunny day led to my mini-doxie Schnitz going to bed early quite tuckered out.  The next day, he was really just not himself. He woke up with a fever, shaking and vomiting.  I wondered if he had possibly snuck into the garden in the middle of the night while doing his late night "business" and possibly gotten into the fertilizer?  Highly unlikely but still........

A quick trip to the vets and we were told he had a UTI.  Worse than that, they found some calcification between the discs in his back, and he's not yet three.  He's on major meds for pain, steroids (which I hate) and worse "crated for three weeks."  Explain that to a dog who is used to full run of the house with his little doggie door and steps to the backyard where he runs free, loving life.  He's a lap dog who loves to follow you everywhere.  Now he's wondering why he's in a crate and jumping around gnawing, scratching, and yelping as he's never been crated.  I have slept but two hours in two days.

Of course doxies that are long and slender like him are known for horrifying back issues.  They are usually happy little jumpers, active, wild and crazy little guys who somehow do irreprehensible damage by a small jump or wrong twist or turn.  In some, a quick move can even cause paralysis or even force you to put them down.

Having had the Fonz (aka Arthur Fonzerelli) my "fat" mini-doxie for 10 years with absolutely knock-on-wood NO back issues I just wasn't happy with this diagnosis nor do I think that Schnitzel may even have back issues.  I feel the fever and vomiting was because of the UTI and perhaps the xrays just happened to show calcification that was there prior. 

If you don't believe me, just ask Schnitzel. As I go to open the crate door to give new food or water off he squirms and tries (even once successful) at spurting past me at 100mph out the doggie door, down the steps and into the yard running laps like usual.  Hubby calls from Virginia to ask why I can't catch him?  You try catching a doxie running at 100mph.  Some may say it's the predisone kicking in, but I'm going to be getting a second opinion on his back, that's for sure.  Why does he sleep on his back anyhow?  Just a strange little guy he is.

In the meantime I read up on the benefits of high doses of  Esther-C and Vitamin C in these little guys for some type of "cure".  Studies by doctors show up to 90% success rates when given on a regular basis.  Therefore,  I'm going to run out the vet meds but add in the Esther C and see if I can spruce the little guy up while waiting on my second opinion.