Kitchen H*ll

I'm in kitchen h*ll this week. I'm living out of boxes and trying to carry on business as usual. Hubby is missing his nightly home cooked meals; but a long awaited kitchen clean up is underway. Mr. Taco came over, who is my design-on-a-dime Mojito friend-he's busy painting and cleaning, hoping that with a major redo on a dime thi puiky purple 1920s kitchen can transform into something Martha-Stewarty. Our budget is nill, so wish us luck. We are trying to keep the original ceiling to floor country cupboards, but tie more into the jadite green color.  Get rid of the purple, and lighten it up.  Repaint the fan, and call it new.  Unload the crap and with a little furniture rearranging, focus on the overall country theme of the kitchen.  NOTE: Four boxes of crap came out of here, lost vintage finds are going into my Etsy store, and the rest going to the Freecyclers - a breadmaker I never use, a blender I haven't used and a Senseo pod coffee pot (who can only drink 4 oz? at a time, not me.)