J'adore Blocks o' Plenty

I just don't know what it is, I have this huge love for vintage alphabet blocks. They tend to inspire me in some strange way. Don't get me wrong, I like the regular old alphabet ones, and use them a lot in my work, but the old LITHO ones I just adore. I usually find one here, one there, or mostly see those litho full puzzle blocks---you know the ones that have like 9 blocks in a square and make a picture. (Not a big fan of those.)

Enter this wonderful set of old alphabet litho blocks from London. Imagine my shock when I realized the set was complete, and that most of the lithos were in tact. I began to play with them for a whole day, and since I'm keeping them mod podge'd down the lithos that were falling off. I then realized what a simple, yet neat old toy. Someone simply cut a very long board into same size pieces, attached lithos on the front and back, and this kept a kid (or several kids, or several GENERATIONS of kids) occupied for how long? Yes, before the days of Ipods or Mafia Wars kids built with wood blocks.

They are the inspiration for my new series, mini-block journals. These are miniature journals which have a copy of the block that inspired me. Simple, cute, yet functional. Sort of basic, like the blocks.

G is for Garden,
R is for Roses,
H is for Happy, so on and so forth.
Coming soon to RetroChaletStudio.
I love blocks!