Digging Out in Baltimore City from the Snow-Nami

How long before life gets back to normal? Baltimore has suffered yet another foot of snow on top of the already three feet on the ground....Two storms within a week has left the city powerless. Counts range from 53" to 72" depending on where you measure. Shoveling is a good workout, you must lift the shovel full of heavy slushy snow way over your head to pile it up on the closest mound, which in most cases, is taller than I am.

The "Snow-nami" of 2010 is affecting everything; the city is in shut down mode. The Governor says not to go out unless you have to. People can't get to work in most cases, as they can't even get off their icy and snow filled roads. If they do brave the weather, risk their car getting beat up or stuck and make it to their jobs, their companies can't afford to keep the businesses open for long.

Baltimore City is still in Phase Two Emergency.....that's where I am. I shoveled all day today, a path for the dogs, shoveled out the cars, went over the sidewalks, the steps, and even the street. All of us in the neighborhood are in the grim realization that we've NEVER seen a plow come down our street, so why hope now?

I suppose I was hoping in four feet of snow that they would come down at least once. I realize however they are still working on primary and secondary streets. I suppose we are the third phase "side streets" so that pretty much leaves us out.

I'm happy to say the neighbors banded together and chipped away at the street, shovel by shovel until enough snow was cleared so we can at least get out of our driveways, and try to slide down the six inch thick sheet of ice and packed snow that remains on our street. The few rays of sun would shine and maybe melt something...but now it's refrozen.....

In Maine, this is nothing, a way of life if you will. Here in Maryland, it's crippling. Not to mention a bit of "feeling cooped up" sets in. At least that's how Buford the bassett hound feels.
Time to make some art.