Suprise! Mike Esposito the Recycle Artist Extroidinaire Strikes Again

I just love this creation by Mike Esposito using old scrap metal it is so awesome!

Imagine a typical day of mine, trying to always cram in about 48 hours worth into an average workday. In between my art, writing, Cynmarie Concessions and running Big Fat Daddy's, not to mention stocking Retro Chalet with vintage goodies and Retro Chalet Studio with my upcycled art, over the course of say, 12-16 workable hours I am always exhausted. I'm officially swimming in the pool of those who wear several different hats just to make their ends meet.

Stress relief consists of sipping good java while talking to fellow Baltimore artist and pal DoLoBo. Sometimes I watch a Lifetime Movie Network movie (love that channel) while finalizing some blog pages for the Etsy Recyclers Guild Official Blog. I do venture out occasionally to the gym or to see my wonderfully awesome trainer Mike Turkin at Atlas Personal Trainers in Baltimore for a good workout. Then sometimes, I will sneakily hop onto my Facebook to take my frustrations out playing Mafia Wars (which apparently 26 million others also do so I don't feel so guilty about taking out my friends' Soprano Style. Just send 'em a looted gift and make it all better.) There's not enough coffee, and never enough hours in the day.

So last night I checked the daily deliveries and pile of mail sitting on my table (sort thru that about once per week at this are.) I noticed a box marked "Staples." Never thinking twice I opened it and behold, a very nice surprise from THE BEST RECYCLE ARTIST IN THE WORLD that of course would be Mike Esposito! As you know I've talked this awesome Trash to Treasure Artist (whose work is often displayed at Gallery 364 in Brooklyn) about him before in the Associated Content article, and on the Etsy Recycler's Guild , and on this very blog.

How kind it was for him to send me one of his upcycled creations. In this case the perfect coat rack, made out of recycled horseshoes and old pliers! I LOVE IT! What's better, it goes with my decor and I had the perfect place for it. (Now we have been using an upcycled "torchiere" lamp minus the lamps for hanging our coats on, and with Big Fat Daddy in the house that topples over A LOT!) I had a small screw hole in my 1927 wood door that was just bugging me, but what a better place than to hang this awesome rack? It will now house my coats and Big Fat Daddy can use the torchiere. I am using it already.


Ira Mency