Mike Esposito: Art From Trash to the Gallery 364 in Brooklyn, NY « Etsy Recyclers Guild Team

Mike Esposito: Art From Trash to the Gallery 364 in Brooklyn, NY « Etsy Recyclers Guild Team
In case you didn't see or read my article above, that I published to inspire my Team on the Etsy Recycler's Guild Blog, or on Associated Content to inspire the world, you should. It's about Mike Esposito, who collects trash from Jersey to Brooklyn and creates beautiful art from it. This eco-artist truly inspires me. =========GO GREEN=========

Mike chooses to scour the trash piles and gutters for pieces he can use for fully functional art objects. From an "American Flag" sculpture that took him nearly a year to complete and four months to assemble made totally of trash, to a "Peace Sign" made up of 2000 army men that his wife Rachel and son Anthony helped to make. Overall, his work is truly amazing and I can see him going down in the history books as an eco-artist who reduces the carbon footprint! Just like the "8 Ball" you see above, also comprised of many pieces of trash, old 45's, parts of cellphones, and things you would normally see laying in the gutter to clog up our planet.
=========MAKE ART===========

Not just fantasic plastic , Mike uses other mediums. A cement mixer destined for the trash heap, or old piles of discarded Model T Ford parts serve use in his metal work. Recently he's been working on horseshoe art, namely the gorgeous horse head entitled "Mr. Ed" (see in movie below) has come to life. In addition he's been using fence parts and horseshoes to make coat hangers that he can't seem to keep in stock because they are so lovely.

He's always been a reclaimer - he found old bike parts to fix up an antique Schwinn and restored a juke box he found in the trash. Unlike others who simply use and discard, not caring what's happening to our overcrowded landfills, Mike is there eyeing up your pile of junk on the curb thinking "What can I do with that....what else can that be?"
Mike wants to eventually make an art car totally out of discarded goods, with the help of other eco-artists. His work is displayed professionally and in competetions at the wonderful GALLERY 364 of Brooklyn, NY. Be sure to check out the article above as I know you'll love this guy as much as I do! So I say, "Thanks to Mike for doing his part in keeping the world a greener place."