Freecycle, The Winning Lottery Number, and Free Art Supplies.

I love Freecycle. For those of you who don't use it, get on the bandwagon. I get rid of a lot of old clothes, nick knacks, and household goods I don't use. In exchange I look for craft supplies and packing materials, being the Etsy Artisian and vintage seller that I am.

I have a funny story about it, actually. I recently wanted some bubble wrap from a Freecycler and she approved me for pickup. I asked her off the wall if she needed any bunny food as my rescue rabbit had died :( Turns out her daughter's friend just adopted a bunny, so she opted to take the food. I dropped it off as I would pick up the bubble wrap.

She told me where she lived, and I told her that I used to live on SUCH AND SUCH A STREET ADDRESS so I was familiar with where she lived now. Turns out, she was my old neighbor and grew up across the street from me, and I hadn't seen her in over twenty years. Her daughter however, is friends with my brother, (ROCK ON!) and I didn't even know. Even stranger both addresses of our old houses were 501. So I joked it was so much of a coincidence, that I should play the lottery, which I never do.

So, TRUE STORY, my husband thought to run out and play our Maryland Lottery 501 boxed and straight for the evening drawing. Sadly, it hit THAT DAY but for Mid-Day. Who the heck knew we even had a Mid Day? Certainly not I, as I never play. (My mother however did play the number in Danforth, Maine and won $40)

I suppose you have to play to win.....but for me I win all the time on Freecycle and that's good enough. I get to clean out the clutter, and get free supplies I would otherwise pay for. I posted something for Discarded Treasures Needed for Crafts once and obtained the following:

Plastic hoojie-ma-bobs (pictured above ) which are colorful adornment for projects. Guess what they are? Protective Lids from insulin containers! I also received clean and empty plastic triangular shaped empty pill and the Plexiglass samples you see above. The same guy LOVE YOU THANKS gave me a VCR and Video Recorder to disassemble so I can use the little transistors in my art. And even old laminate wood samples on string, some of which I'm using for necklace bases.

Another wonderful Freecycler gave me a huge bag of foam craft letters and a bag of old leftover novelty items from a Halloween party. Those little spiders I already have ideas for. A huge bag of broken toys contained blocks, old cars, and army guys of which I made my ARMY sculpture out of. Goes to show people are more willing to help a starving artist than you think. That's why I give back every chance I get. What comes around goes try it FREECYCLE.