Bits N Pieces of Procrastination

I keep saying tomorrow I'll get to finishing that special project, but then tomorrow comes and goes. I'm tired of the bits and pieces of unfinished business scattered upon my desk and work station. Not to mention in my studio and all over my house!

At first I thought this was some sort of mental-halfway-health-condition; that something was wrong with me and only me. Then I realized it is a form of procrastination in the finest. I realize that most artists have those halfway projects in their studios. My friend Don has "halfway paintings", or so I call them. Half way through something comes up, or he doesn't like where the painting is going, or loses focus. I have those half way sculptures, which I lose interest in or they seem to be missing that special part that gives them "zing."

I know people in construction that work on everyone else's house except their own (and really need to fix a few things.) I know a plumbers who has leaks in his own house. Songwriters who have halfway finished songs. So, is this the way of the world?

Do we all have attention deficit, or are we boycotting that which bores us or doesn't appeal to us in some way? Is this a form of laziness or lack of responsibility that makes us feel good to just say, to heck with it? If I keep writing about it, and wasting time contemplating it, can I get away form having to do another project today?

SIGH...I'm off to get some work done.