Baltimore Artist DoLoBo Illustrated My Book

Fairy Book

I wanted to give a special thanks to Artist Donald Louis Booker, of Baltimore who illustrated my Prism Book. The book published in June 2009~!

Alana Fairy

Meet Alana Fairy. Drawing: DoLoBo

The format for the book was challenging, as DoLoBo is a professional artist but what I wanted to depict in the book was the author telling the tale of the story. As she in the book is writing a book, and meeting with her artist friend and working on rough scribbles of ideas for the book.

Little Fairies Come to Life

DoLoBo's fairies come to life

Asking your artist to turn in scribbles for a book is unheard of, but after sifting though years of DoLoBo's unfinished works, I was able to work these drawings into the book and the cast of fairy characters came to life.  Exactly as the story teller saw it, in her own way.

Ira Mency: The Prism Book One is now available in HardCover, SoftCover and Special Edition EBook.

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