Saturday, March 23, 2013

RubeeBlue Unique Jewelry on Etsy

Unique Sterling and Garnet Ring at Rubee Blue on Etsy
Unique Garnet and Sterling Ring , Approximately $34.42 USD
RubeeBlue is the Etsy creation of  Sarah and Pawel.  RubeeBlue started as a little stall in Portobello Market, London, selling all the beautiful, unusual and unique handcrafted items that Sarah and Pawel found in their travels. 
Sterling Silver and Tiger Eye Earrings RubeeBlue on Etsy
Sterling Silver and Tiger Eye Earrings $31.28

In this shop you will find rings from Belgium, Necklaces from Scotland and Pendants from Poland - they pick things that catch their eye and stand out from the crowd.  Rocks or stones fashioned into one of a kind creations, that are just stunning.

Sterling Silver and Mahogany Earrings RubeeBlue on Etsy
Handmade Sterling Silver and Mahogany Earrings $10.93 USD
 This shop is worth a favorite bookmark and do check back often as new stock is added. Catch up with them here:


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