Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest Crush

Source: geekarmory.com via Andy on Pinterest

I am so very addicted to Pinterest. I started using it when it first came out. Sure, sure, there's the fact I pin what I love, which sometimes are the same things I write about--but I have to confess I have a Pinterest Crush.  
That would be on This Pinterest User

Source: geekarmory.com via Andy on Pinterest

You see, Andrew runs GeekArmory.com and he finds all the coolest things . I think that site is perfect for any retro-vibed adult who wants to relive their childhood memories or just have a GREAT EXCUSE to play with toys.

Source: geekarmory.com via Andy on Pinterest

If you are on Pinterest you really need to follow Andy--yeah, I said ANDY.  I've pinned him so much I think it's okay fair that I can call him that now. Ha ha!  Welcome to Pinterest!

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