Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Make Me Beautiful Miss Flirty Hair Extensions

human hair extensions on etsy

Check this beauty tip out. Christy under MissFlirtyHair has the best human hair extensions.  That's right, I said human hair. These ones are my fave, 22" Remy Clip-In extensions are made from virgin human hair - which means you can color, highlight low-light, dye, wash, straight iron, curl and so on! Treat them like your own hair! Look how they worked on Oliva, who had just-below-shoulder hair and transformed into a BLONDE DIVA after the Miss Flirty Girl GORGEOUS extensions!  Are you a brunette? Check this out!

hair extensions etsy

Okay, so the issue is normally these extensions sell for $180-$200 , but in her shop you can get them for only $129.  Imagine being able to go from Short Bob to Beyonce Long hair in minutes flat. This is cheaper than a cut-dry-color-tip visit at your hairdresser. The best part? There are a bunch of colors!

human hair extensions

  I so want these!


  1. Beautiful hair extensions. All colors and designs are awesome. Black curly hair extensions are extra ordinary.

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