Friday, September 18, 2015

Calm Your Soul Jewelry Ideas

Walk on Beach Keychain from Etsy
How adorable is this?  Find it at Earthlie Treasures on Etsy.

Life's a Beach...

If your looking for something cute and to bring a smile why not find these great jewelry ideas?  First up is Earthlie Treasures on Etsy, whose cute "beachy theme" is great for any beach lover you know. Above we have a very cute footprint made of pearls and abalone ! It says, "a walk on the beach is good for the soul", and we couldn't agree more.  For $18.99 it's afforable and has that handmade love attached to it.
EarthlieTreasures on Etsy adorable Turtle Necklace Keychain
Adorable Turtle Lanyard (Necklace/Keyring) $15.95 @ Earthlie Treasures.

The shop is run by Jen, of Haverhill Massachusetts who loves creatiing tiebacks, home decor and pillow cases but her claim to fame has to be these adorable keychains using beach or nature themes.

Earthlie Treasures Cute Keychain
Flip Flop Keychain, $15.99 here @ Earthlie Treasures.

Let Your Booty do the Yoga? 

Yoga and Meditation Jewelry  claims to calm your soul and bring you fortune and success. Although we are not sure that all feng shi jewelry is indeed magical, for centuries the Tibetian culture has thought it so.  

Laughing Buddha Necklace
Buddha thangka jewelry  $48 at Explosion Luck 

Is there something to it? Just to think the below "twin dragons" claiming your worries will disappear for $56 is sure cheaper than a visit to the therapist.  Ironically both the above and below pendants are made of stone, and it is said that stone has metaphysical properties. You never know do you? 

tibetian Jewelry at Explosion Luck
Twin Dragons at $56

All of these jewelry creations make great gift giving ideas. I want to remind you although some of the sponsors in this post may have paid for links, the creation selections are all my own. I adore unique creations! If you like this post don't forget to share it! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Feng Shui Art Gifts Explosion Luck Holiday Gift Guide

Explosion Luck Canvas Orchids Feng Shui
This stretched Canvas depicts hummingbirds and orchids and is quite serene. $143-$205 

Feng Shui At

I often wondered if your aura is impacted by what is surrounding it. A messy, cluttered home often indicates sadness, depression and the walls closing in. Dirt and dust sometimes is overwhelming, wherein a  neat and tidy house is often associated with someone in control of their surroundings.  I'm recently in the process of cleaning out my home, putting things in storage, and moving to a smaller house.  Moving from a 1927 4BR huge house into a small tranquil cabin with only 2BR is not only stressful but reminds me of all the crap I've collected over the years. Could this be affecting my spiritual side?  Is it true that your art decor inspires more? Can there be Explosion Luck?   

                                      The Best Holiday Gifts and Feng Shui Art- Explosion Luck

The website, offers a series of Feng Shui Art Gifts ideas. Their video on youtube (below) indicates that by having these items in your home, office, or living space, can create harmony and better luck and success.  Is there something to this?   

Feng Shui Art at
Feng Shui Art at ExplosionLuck,  this calming picture may help dentists patients calm.

If it's as easy as putting some sand art or happy style furnishings or decor in your home or office space to help you breathe a sigh of relief, or make your mind focus elsewhere other than on your problems may not be a bad idea.  If changing your furnishings may inspire love, peace, serenity and tranquility I'm all for it. 

Moving Sand Picture at Explosion Luck
Something tells me this moving sand picture would make me calm and sleepy. Find it here $75

I guess it's time to calm my aura , downsize and get some good furnishings. You can find out more: 

Unique Feng Shui Gifts and Feng Shui Art for All Occasions- Explosion Luck   or, for additional information about Feng Shui store Explosion Luck please watch this video about  Feng Shui Paintings for Feng Shui Office and Feng Shui House on Youtube:

Although sometimes we accept Sponsored Post  for links, the selections and opinions are our own.  
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