Thursday, September 18, 2014

Estate Sale Website Find An Estate Sale Near You

Estate Sale Finds
Rooster at an estate sale? So odd I have to have it.  Pic: EstateSale.Company 

Estate Sales Made Easy 

I adore estate sales. Not only because I stock my Etsy shop with finds, but also because I love living vintage and green. Using old items instead of buying mass produced is just a way of life for me.  However, my big gripe is finding the best estate sales can be rough. Digging through my local paper listings are sometimes misleading, as advertising in the newspaper is very expensive so most estate sales only list a few lines of text. 

Now there is a website called EstateSale.Company which lists estate sales in and around the area.   Or, if you are looking for something fun to do on the weekends, you can find an estate sale in the next town and enjoy your weekend rummaging through goodies!

Estate Sale Treasures at
I want to dig through these boxes, bad. This one is in Bronx and listed at EstateSale.Company

Estate Sale Company Pulls Sales From All Over
For instance, I am in Baltimore but when I looked the Estate Sale Company website up, I found some lisings in Maryland, North Carolina, California and New York. It seems to pull anything interesting and worthy from the web including Facebook, Twitter and online posts. 

Fun Filled Thelma and Louise Adventure

If you are old enough to remember Thelma and Louise (and a very young Brad Pitt) you may want to check out this site and plan on going on a road trip with your bestie to a fun estate sale. Ditch the kids and hubby and go Thelma and Louise style to the next state to crash the best estate sale for treasure.

Estatesale.Company  website is definitely getting bookmarked! 

All Photos Used with their Permission.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pink Hair Blond and Pink Hairstyles Manic Panic

Pink Hairstyle

Yes, I now have pink hair.   Well, not all pink, but pink streaks.  I usually have different color streaks in my hair, I guess I get bored. I'm artsy fartsy, and I really don't care what people think.  Unfortunately, if you dye your hair pink, or add pink to it,  you will be noticed wherever you go.  You will get the double looks and crazy looks, and of course if you are trying to lay low, it won't work. 
Pink Hair Highlights

I mainly did the pink on one side, if you are wondering how, I used semi-permanent Manic Panic but mixed it with 40 developer peroxide, and let it sit a while so the blonde would grab it.  I wrapped in foil so as not to get it everywhere and took it almost down to the root (not quite, as it will stain your scalp.)   Woops, forgot to wear gloves and that took three days to get off.

Pink Hair Dye

I'm pretty messy so I just took a plastic lid and mixed it together.   It has been two weeks and it's still pretty bright hasn't faded much. Now my color was not Cotton Candy, but a darker color they discontinued and I still have some.   I have used the Cotton Candy but it will give a lighter result than what I obtained.  If you need my color and have light hair, I suggest using HOT HOT PINK Manic Panic.

Pink Hair

At first my husband was like "I hate the pink hair, you are too old to rock the pink hair."    Here is what I told him.  (Insert different finger instead of thumb...)

pink hair

Today my hair is pink but tomorrow who knows. I change my hair all the time and it's fun. Who cares if I'm 41 or 18 it's my damn hair.  I think more people should not care what others think and do what makes them happy. Besides, my hair has been every color anyhow:

Purple and Blue and Black: 

blue and purple hair

I was not a fan of the blue and purple and black hair.  The box I bought was black but it somehow faded to a purple blue. I screwed it up just in time for Ravens Football Training Camp so I guess it husband liked the blue but beware, blue fades to greyish and it looked bad.

Light Brown on Blond: 

Cindy Fahnestock Schafer

Or, how about Black on Blonde:

Cindy Fahnestock Schafer Black Streaks on Blonde

So what is your favorite ?   I think I'm voting this way, PINK HAIR!

Cindy Fahnestock Schafer
Screw what others think.
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