I am involved in the following charities events, and have supported the following organizations or individuals:

Help Needed: 
**Please help Patricia Holmes, in the York, Pennsylvania area who left her nursing career to be a full time mother of 2. Needless to say she found herself in an abusive relationship. She left her children's father with only her children and the clothes on her back. She has had a rough path with the economy, and being unemployed trying to raise two children. She has been going to school to better herself and attempting to get into greener party planning and organic, healthy catering.  Anyone with extra money, children's toys, food, a job, or clothing please visit her facebook page to arrange a donation, job interview, or to help in any way. You can contact me for more information.   Here is an article about Trish.

West Memphis Three  are finally free. My art raised almost $3000 for them!

Basset Hound Rescue
Ron, an Ames Iowa Fire Victim I led a campaign and raised $1462 for, whom I've never met.