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Honey Journal from Sand Dune Books great for Valentine's or any time!
A Journal for your Honey. 

This Between Me And You™ Journal "HONEY" journal would be perfect for your honey for Valentine's day and will ship via PRIORITY Mail through  The idea behind these journals to bring you close to someone you love.  For instance, you give this one to your  Honey. Inside each journal are about 40-45 great questions like:

  • “Is there anything that you wish we would spend more time doing together?”
  • “Long before we met what did you picture your future mate would be like?”
Journal Questions
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What a great idea!  I would think this would be great for someone trying to make a mini scrapbook of their relationship, or even for those wanting to jar the memory of a 20 year marriage. A great way to rekindle the flames...

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What a great form of communication and a lovely gift idea!

Sand Dune Publishing is a small business and Between Me And You™ Journals were created to help everyone get a little closer to the people  they love. They have them for Dad, for Uncle, (just about everyone you can imagine) and even for Daughter.
Honey Journal from Sand Dune Books great for Mothers and Daughters.

All of the journals are returned with handwritten responses to cherish. They are just $14.95 each. A more personal, heartfelt gift would be hard to find.

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