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I'm pleased to say that I will be working extensively on a new site called Design-Swag.  I have been blogging on so many different blogs via Blogger or Wordpress, it's not even funny.  From vintage love to plastic dinnerware, assemblage art or anything that stokes me I tend to write and blog about. It made me wonder just what is my real passion?  That answer is simple. Handmade awesome items with vintage flair or mid century modern industrial design or antique retro for the fifties wannabe diva. I think of all these things and how they mix in with decor for the modern home and blam out popped design-swag.

Now I just love reading design sites of all kinds. You have Design Sponge which features everything from DIY to Gorgeous Interiors and I highly respect what Grace has done with her blog.  She is truly amazing and someone I look up to.  I'm pleased to say when I placed an ad for my RetroChalet store on her blog a few years back I had the best sales of my life and I do think anyone thinking about advertising on Design Sponge should know it's expensive but so worth it. Her site is probably the top design blog out there in my opinion.

Then you have Core 777 which has a lot of industrial and product design, and if you aren't reading it you should be.  I love that site. Super cool.

Design Milk has all kinds of design and modern decor, plus lots of virtual Vitamin D for your body and I adore their Pet Milk and House Milk related posts.  I'm really proud of that blogger for launching and getting such good reception so quick and becoming so popular so fast. Just goes to prove that milk does a body good.

My site will be a bit different, and I'm happy to see what I can do with it. Maybe something, maybe nothing, I don't know, but I'm going to streamline my focus on it for now.

For once I'm going to use a real hosting company (woahhhhh no free blogsite there) and build what I need from scratch with the help of Fat Cow and Wordpress. In fact Fat Cow tech support is my new best friend. They were a huge help considering I had a whole site made then wiped it out by overwriting (ouch lesson one, not good!) When I say wish me luck I mean it, because this building your own website thing is not as easy as it looks, even when it's with the help of wordpress.

Please bookmark it and read along. Your comments are appreciated. Oh, and I have that annoying little hypen in there just to make you look twice!

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