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Green Homes Baltimore
Green Homes are in Baltiimore, finally.
Green Homes Come to Baltimore County 

I am so happy to hear that finally you can live green in Baltimore County in an authentic "green home"  and feel good about it. Specifically, I'm referring to  a new housing development in Baltimore County thanks to Mark Building called, "The Village of Bear Creek ."

Their Sales office is right on Lynch Road in Dundalk.  These new homes are built with cutting edge green materials and nicely located with great access to deep water.  These homes mix Modern design with high end green materials. Owning a green home is not only environmentally friendly but will help save potential homeowners money on utility bills. You can find out how right here.
green housing baltimore
Gorgeous interiors and green building = great design.
Baltimore County is on the map with Green Housing

What's better? These Baltimore County Homes are only  minutes away from I-695 / I-95 / Canton / Fells Point / Harbor East / MTA bus service / MARC train and Baltimore City.

As a greenie and environmental girl, I am so tired of other states being so far ahead in "going green" than Maryland. This is a huge step in the right direction and I'm going to tell everyone I know shopping for a home in Baltimore to check them out. 

You Can Afford Green Homes Now

The homes are affordable, they have great pricing. So many times people associate  "green" means "debt forever" because in this case it doesn't. You could be paying your mortgage payment for less than your current rent in Baltimore.

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Source:  Baltimore Green Housing