Custom Nursery Childrens Signs on Etsy Meet PB Turtle Designs

PB Turtle Designs on Etsy
$23.50 for this adorable layered button Initial "R" in PBTurtleDesigns
I had a chance to talk to Pamela Fazio (known to friends and family as "Pammers") who owns the adorable Etsy shop PB Turtle Designs.  In this shop you will find the cute and adorable nursery artwork, handmade creations that are just perfect for that little lad or lass's room!

believe wall art
Many plaques like this are custom made, This one, $47

Pammers says, "I'm an artist at heart. I’ve always felt more alive when I have a paint brush or even a hot glue gun in hand! I love to design, paint and create with my hands. I am happiest in my art studio. I believe everyone is born with a God-given talent or gift. Crunching numbers or standing over a hot stove? No, thanks. But give me a tube of ‘liquid gold’ (paint), a quality paint brush and time stops still for me."

Personalized Wall Plaque Artist ETsy
$52.00 Wall Plaque personalized, so cute.

Pammers continues, "I get most of my inspiration from some of the things I love most... the beach, water, nature, a field of wild flowers or a beautiful sun-set sky… and children. Yeah, I'm also a ‘baby-aholic’. If there's a baby near by... I gotta' hold him, coo her, sing to or get down on the floor and play with them. At that point it becomes hard to distinguish who’s the child and who’s the um, old(er) woman. So, I've combined my love for art, nature and children (and such) and created PB Turtle Designs."
PB Designs on Etsy
PB Turtle Designs makes these adorable plaques, this one in "boy colors" $52 your custom name!

I was sort of wondering what is the "Turtle" part of her shop about?  She explains, "Nothing, really. My given name is Pamela Beth. I was always slow and groggy (still am) getting ready for school in the mornings so my mother nicknamed me PB Turtle. Who knew?"

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