Pink Milkshake Designs Wall Art and Personalized Prints #Etsy

PinkMilkShakeDesigns on Etsy
Great prints like this make for great gift ideas, available from Pink Milkshake Designs on Etsy!
Hello, what's this? I stumbled upon this great Etsy shop out of Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. For those of you who don't know, it's a town in Buckinghamshire about 45 miles outside of  London. A city, separated by lots of farms in between. Somewhere therein lies Donna, a creative artist and mom to two who has the best personalized prints and wall art, and she's shipping to the USA and everywhere else!

Sir Mix-A-Lot Would Approve

This right here is my favorite, and I think Sir Mix-a-Lot would approve, certainly encouraging people to read more books!  
book art print great gift idea on Etsy

Each print is a unique design of high quality printed on professional lustre paper with the finest inks. The end result is a truly special piece of art designed and printed in the UK. As for cost, many of the random prints run you about $18.10 USD with a few dollars for shipping, and personalized around $21.40---a real deal!

pinkmilkshakedesigns on etsy

Oh no! This great wall art print just encourages what I already know. When life is rough, eat a cupcake.  (Available in blue too!)

Nursery and Children's Rooms

Personalized Print


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