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recycled clock
Boyds Nest Studio: what a unique piece of wall art a clock made from 98% recycled goods
I love finding Etsy shops like BoydsNestStudio who do their best to present their goods in a way that is eco friendly and environmentally conscious.  This shop is run by Kathy Boyd, a decorative artist living in Minnesota. 
boyds nest studio on etsy
Kathy Boyd takes precautions to be more eco friendly using upcycled canvas, boards, rope and/or components.
Above we have "Star" which is an original canvas art creation. It has a reddish orange rust finish. Raised flower designs, metallic and glitter make this a lovely art piece. All of her work comes ready to hang with no framing needed.
etsy shop
Star on the wall emits gorgeous metallic finishes and natural colors to look pretty against any backdrop.

I love the fact Kathy has also turned some of her work into functional clocks. No time like the present to hang one above the mantle, for not only an original art effect but for use as well. Kathy believes in the natural impact of her art, and doesn't use a sealer unless you specifically request.

My favorite? This ROCK CLOCK:

kathy boyd
This "rock clock" has rocks in place of numbers. So freakin' cool
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