Boycott AutoZone They Fired a Hero Military @AutoZone

AutoZone wins dumbass of the year award.
Boycott AutoZone 

I am just outraged over something I saw on CBS This Morning, and you know I don't share my personal beliefs all that often. This hits close to home for me.

Enter Devin McLean, a soon to be father and member of our military, an AutoZone employee. Enter a robber with a gun.... Devin sneaks out from the bathroom to his car, gets his own firearm (legally owned) and orders the robber to drop his gun. And he does.

Devin a Hero to Some, Except to the Store AutoZone They Pink Slipped Him

So here we have Devin stopping a robber in his tracks, protecting his store's employees and saving the store some lost money. Devin has just, in fact, saved lots of stores lots of money, because the robber had hit 30+ other stores in the Peninsula area. How many more would he have hit, obviously avoiding getting caught ..... Devin should be labeled a freakin' hero...breaking up a robbery ring that was costing businesses tens of thousands of dollars!

Devin's manager and employees thought he was a hero. Instead of a bump in pay or an award, he got the pink slip. I am outraged to say he was fired.  According to AutoZone's headquarters his actions (a gun in the store) were against their policy and used textbook rules to fire him.

Are AutoZone Corporate Gurus Bots and Not Real People?

In this economy ? Really? A Military guy?  Let's face it, Devin was probably not making a lot of money, maybe even a little above minimum wage. He was dedicated to his job, his company, and his employees, and put his life on the line.  Maybe he was stupid, he had a child at home.

But that's what military guys do.  

AutoZone Doesn't Care Because That's Their Policy : Another Company Wake Up Call

The joke here will be on AutoZone.  At the end of the day, so much will be made of this story that the MD-DC-VA area's public won't shop there.  There's a lot of other places to shop for parts.  The East Coast stores will suffer and perhaps some will close.   Big businesses are so focused on textbook rules they forget there are humans that work for them. Obviously CBS found it ridiculous and picked up the story which is great.

What Can They Do?

In my opinion, AutoZone better do some serious damage control and fire their "executive" who made that dumb decision.  And publicity apologize.  It may already be too late.  I am sure the public in my region will boycott them--this is a huge military area here.  

How do I know they are already in trouble?

There's a bunch of comments nationwide already posted on Autozone's Facebook wall of people upset over this.

There's a Petition for Autozone to Publicly Apologize to Devin. 

There's a Boycott Autozone link with thousands of signatures already.

They have fired a MILITARY GUY with a baby on the way (dumb, dumb, dumb.)

I'm off to tweet about this now copying their twitter account.

Devin : A hero in my book.

What About Devin? 

Devin will end up just fine, because I can't think of any company that wouldn't want a dedicated employee like him to work for them. I hope he gets a hell of a better job and according to CBS news, he's already been offered better.  It just really upsets me in this economy to see a dedicated employee get fired.   I will never shop at AutoZone again.