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modern earrings
Modern Metalwork earrings only $22 at Bird and Beed on Etsy.
Bird and Beed on Etsy is a handmade jewelry shop that's curated by Monique. All of the items you see here are handmade with love!. Monique hails from Arizona and been making lovely jewelry for twenty years now. She comes from a long line of talented artisans.
Bird and Beed on Etsy
Kyanite stone necklace at Bird and Beed, $28.00
Monique left her job years ago due to an injury. In the process of studying holistic healing, she learned the powers of the stones she now implements into her jewelry creations.  The necklace above is made with Kyanite stones. Monique indicates that these are used to "induce tranquility and calm as well as enhancing communication an awareness."
tea pot earrings
These adorable earrings are $15 at Bird and Beed on Etsy!

Monique says, "Whether it be for healing, thwarting off negative energy or self awareness and love, gemstones can play an important role in our lives."  The tea pot earrings above are made with Magnesite aka Magnesium Carbonate and have silver filled ear wires.
lapis hoop earrings
Lovely Lapis Earrings are $24.00 at Bird and Beed.

Monique enjoys making jewelry, and her studio is close to ASU.  Look for more great things coming from Monique as her shop is regularly updated.   See more offerings at Bird and Beed NOW.